Monthly Archives: November 2017

Handling 360 Video

Our entry in this year’s Handling 360 video contest can be seen here. Handling 360 is an agility handling system developed by Susan Garrett, a very successful agility handler and amazing dog trainer. H360has worked very well for me and the Clever Hounds- check out the video for some fun PBGV agility action.

The Clever Hounds on Television!

Last month Maya and I had the opportunity to appear on the Dog is Family Television Show, hosted by Barb Emmett of Godfrey’s Welcome to Dogdom.  Also appearing were Cathy and Mark Blimline with their fabulous Golden Retriever, Gideon.  (a breed very near to my heart) ❤️.

The show was a nice opportunity to share information about PBGVs and positive training for dog sports.  Thanks Barb for this great experience!